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MisFit Fitness understands its requirement to make reasonable adjustments where a learner, who is disabled within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, would be at a substantial disadvantage in comparison to someone who is not disabled.

Assessment should be a fair test of learners’ knowledge and what they are able to do, however for some learners the usual format of assessment may not be suitable. MisFit Fitness acts to encourage open access for learners who are eligible for reasonable adjustments, and/or special considerations during assessments.

Any adjustments made need to ensure that the assessment of skills, knowledge, understanding and competence is not compromised. 

We recognise that reasonable adjustments and/or special consideration may be required at the time of assessment where learners:

  • Have a permanent disability or specific learning needs.

  • Have a temporary disability, medical condition or learning needs.

  • Are indisposed at the time of the assessment.

The provision for reasonable adjustments and special consideration arrangements is made to ensure that learners receive recognition of their achievement so long as the equity, validity and reliability of the assessments can be assured.

Where reasonable adjustments have been applied the work produced by the learner will be assessed to the same standard as the work of other learners.


  • Identification of any need for reasonable adjustment should be done as early as possible. Learners have the opportunity on enrolment to indicate if they need any additional support, and if they foresee any difficulties they may have in accessing assessments. Any issues raised will be passed onto the director prior to the start of the learner’s course to ensure appropriate adjustments are put in place and guidance can be sought where necessary.

  • It should be made clear at the outset if the learner is not going to be able to meet all of the criteria. All decisions will be made with the involvement of the learner.

  • The internal appeals procedure is available so a learner can appeal any decision not to apply a reasonable adjustment, or if they feel it was not appropriate to their needs.

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