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Malpractice is defined as any deliberate activity, neglect, default or other practice that compromises:

· The integrity of the assessment process

· The integrity of the regulated qualification

· The validity of the certificates

· The reputation or credibility of MisFit Fitness

Maladministration is any activity, neglect, default or other practice in the centre not complying with the specified requirements for delivery of units and qualifications.

MisFit Fitness will investigate instances of alleged or suspected malpractice and will take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the training and qualifications delivered.


MisFit Fitness, via its Internal Quality Assurance Strategy will ensure the ongoing implementation and review of Malpractice/Maladministration policies and procedures. MisFit Fitness reserves the right to withdraw candidates in the event of an alleged or suspected occurrence of malpractice/maladministration arising on the part of learners, staff, or others involved in the delivery of a qualification.

MisFit Fitness is responsible for the following:

  • Complying with malpractice procedures.

  • Taking responsible steps to prevent malpractice/maladministration from arising.

  • Advising candidates of the policy on malpractice/maladministration during their induction.

  • Implementing systems and procedures for recording all suspected instances of candidate malpractice.

  • Being vigilant to possible instances or malpractice and maladministration.

  • Carry out investigations of malpractice

  • Implementing any actions required during and after investigation into a case of malpractice.

  • Taking action required to prevent the recurrence of malpractice/maladministration.

Example of learner malpractice could include:

  • Non-compliance in observing the mandatory rules of conduct during an assessment, resulting in fraudulent claims for certification

  • Replication of another learner’s work in either the practical, theoretical or portfolio aspect of assessment, resulting in fraudulent claims for assessment (this can include plagiarism, collusion, impersonation, copying)

  • Misconduct (learner behaviour such as offensive, obscene or discriminatory material; disruptive language or behaviour causing a disturbance; use of unauthorised aids such as mobile phones during assessment)

  • The Assessor/ Trainer is empowered to expel a learner from the assessment room.

  • The expelled learner’s assessment paper must be securely retrained and a report filed to the director.

  • If any of the rules of external assessment are deemed to have been broken by a learner, assessor or other person involved in the assessment process then the assessment may be declared void

Malpractice Investigations:

  • The objective of an investigation is to establish the facts relating to allegations/complaints in order to determine whether any irregularities have occurred.

  • All relevant evidence will be considered without bias

  • MisFit Fitness will also investigate allegations made by whistle blowers and anonymous informants which must be made within three months of the alleged event taking place.

  • Investigations will be carried out by the director and panel

  • Conclusions will be based on established evidence. A course of proposed actions will be identified, agreed, implemented and monitored.

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