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MisFit Fitness recognises its responsibilities under the “Equality Act 2010” to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity in all aspects of its activities. This policy follows the “Equality Act 2010” which harmonised all previous equality legislation into a single Act of Parliament. The Equality Act 2010 protects individuals from discrimination and harassment based on nine protected characteristics which are: -

• Age; • Disability; • Gender Reassignment; • Pregnancy and maternity; • Race; • Religion or belief (including non-belief); • Sex; • Sexual orientation; • Marriage and Civil Partnership.

For all individuals, having regard to the Protected Characteristics, MisFit Fitness has a duty to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation, advance equality of opportunity; and foster good relations.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the commitment by MisFit Fitness to the procedures that will be followed and to ensure that our organisation meets all relevant legislation and guidance with regards to Equality & Diversity.

MisFit Fitness will adhere to all relevant Statutory Legislation and the Code of Practice and will ensure that positive steps are taken to identify and combat all forms of discrimination so that no customer including learners are discriminated against from any of the four main types of discrimination; Direct discrimination, Indirect discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation.

MisFit Fitness aims to ensure that:

  • Individuals are treated fairly, with dignity and respect regardless of their age, gender, identity or reassignment, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, religion or belief, social status, union membership, political or other ideology or any other factor.

  • It affords all individuals, customers and students the opportunity to fulfill their potential

  • It promotes an inclusive and supportive environment for all

  • It provides services that are accessible according to need

  • It recognises the varied contributions made by individuals from diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging experiences

  • Effective partnerships with all parts of the community are created.

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