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This procedure applies to all customers of MisFit Fitness who wish to complain about the service. If your complaint relates to a specific assessment, please refer to the specific Appeals Procedure.

MisFit Fitness strives to achieve the highest quality fitness and learning opportunities and services. The following Complaints Procedure outlines the action which may be taken. This reflects MisFit Fitness’ commitment to provide a fully comprehensive customer & student centred service.

Complaints provide valuable feedback to us so that we can improve our service, therefore, complaints are welcome and you should not feel concerned that there will be negative consequences.

We also welcome comments where you have been pleased with the service you have received. This also provides us with feedback to help us to grow.


  • Stage 1 (immediately/ whilst on course or attendance of a class)

You can speak to your instructor or tutor, assessor or relevant department manager who is under instruction from MisFit Fitness to ensure that concerns or ideas are dealt with fairly and quickly. They will take into account all relevant facts and use their discretion to resolve matters with due sensitivity.

Notes will be taken in relation to this informal discussion and kept in a locked container in case of further investigation.

If you do not feel comfortable discussing your complaint with your instructor/tutor/assessor OR you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this informal stage, you should proceed to stage 2.

  • Stage 2 (within 30 days of the end of the class/ course)

You can email the director at:

The information needs to include:

  1. Your name, address and the name of the class or course

  2. A description of your complaint

  3. Ideas about what MisFit Fitness should do to put things right

After you have made your complaint you will receive an email acknowledgement within five working days. Your complaint will be fully investigated. You will receive an email response within a month of how the complaint has or will be resolved. Each complaint is handled on an individual basis based on the information received and all considerations taken into account.

You may make an anonymous complaint, however, it may not be possible to investigate fully and we would be unable to respond personally.

MisFit Fitness would be very pleased to receive praise or suggestions for how things can be improved. These should be sent to the director, whose details are set out in Stage 2 of this procedure.

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