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The appeals procedure applies to all students of MisFit Fitness who wish to appeal against an assessment decision.

All candidates are assessed against agreed criteria.

It is recognised that in exceptional circumstances a candidate may decide to appeal against an assessment decision.

The following Appeals Procedure outlines the action which may be taken in such circumstances. This reflects MisFit Fitness’ commitment to provide a quality and student centred service.

The Appeals Procedure allows students to make a formal appeal against a recommendation or decision relating to the mark for an individual item of course work, the result of any element of assessment and/ or the final overall assessment decision for award of certification.

An appeal may be made if the student feels that the assessments were not conducted in accordance with the approved scheme or if an administration error occurred at some stage of the assessment process. An appeal can also be made if “Extenuating circumstances” arose during the assessment process, which affected the student’s performance or if there was inappropriate or irregular behaviour on the part of the assessor.

The Procedure

All appeals must adhere to the following system:

·        All appeals must be sent to the director at:

·        All details and supporting evidence must be sent along with return contact details

·        The Director will investigate thoroughly the circumstances of the appeal and respond in writing within ten working days.

·        The decision of the director is final.

·        If the decision is overturned, the mark will either be amended or the student will be given the opportunity to retake the assessment at no further cost.

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