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The primary purpose of MisFit Fitness quality assurance policy and its related procedures is the enhancement of the learner’s experience in an effort to maximise their potential for achievement.

Quality Assurance comprises all the policies, systems and processes directed to ensuring the enhancement of the quality and standards of the training provision.

Quality Control relates to the arrangements and measures (procedures, organisation etc.) which verify that teaching, learning and assessment are being carried out in an appropriate manner.

A Quality Audit is the process of ensuring that the quality assurance and control arrangements are satisfactory and operating effectively, and in the best interests of both learners and staff.

Quality Enhancement is the process of continuous improvement- MisFit Fitness is implicitly committed to this process.

MisFit Fitness Quality Assurance Framework:

  • sets objectives rather than dictating detailed procedures and structures for staff and students to operate in

  • promotes consistency rather than standardisation across all areas of the company

  • is underpinned by the concepts of equality and fairness

MisFit Fitness will rigorously and continuously monitor the effectiveness of its quality assurance policy and related procedures to ensure that they are operating in accordance with good practice, in the best interests of learners and in accordance with the standards set by our accrediting bodies.

MisFit Fitness will also work constructively with all external agencies (where necessary) to ensure the standard of our business activities evolves with the needs of the customers, partners and auditors at the forefront of our priorities.

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